It’s time to take the mystery out of Twitter.

You’re busy and don’t have time to decipher the confusing world of Twitter. In one hour, this book will show you how to connect and start creating meaningful business and personal benefits today.

Behind every Twitter triumph, there is a well-defined success formula. This is the Tao of Twitter, a path, a majestic random synergy that holds the potential to impact your daily life … if you know that way!

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“When you have a baby, you turn to Dr. Spock. When you have a car, you turn to the instruction manual.  When you dive into Twitter, there is not a similar instruction guide. Or at least there didn’t used to be. Knowing what I know of Twitter now, I think having Mark’s Tao of Twitter by your side is as close as you can get to a “new to Twitter” buddy.” — Marjorie Clayman

The Tao of Twitter is the only book that made me step away from my laptop, stop working on my blog and just read it.  My first comment about it was, that it is so – human. Mark makes you feel like you are sitting next to him and he is telling you what happened to him yesterday. Like you are old friends.   Second – so educational. Although it is about Twitter, I can see applying his tips to all social media … and my favorite thing – he proves the game is not about the numbers! — Review by Brankica 

” The Tao of Twitter is THE guide to robust Twitter use. It shows you, easily but in an in-depth manner, how to leverage the amazing power of Twitter for audience building, following news, staying on top of the newest research, opinions, insights, etc, to learn new sills, strengthen new and existing business relationships and open up low-cost marketing opportunities.   Although it is packed with great info and insights it is a quick and easy read. I couldn’t put it down.  After reading The Tao of Twitter, there is no doubt in my mind, Mark Schaefer is THE Twitter expert..”    — Justin Leshynski               

“If you’re struggling with Twitter or want to up your game, buy Mark Schaefer’s new Tao of Twitter!”    –Elizabeth Sosnow  

  “I have just finished reading the Tao and made 5 pages of notes!”  — John Falchetto
“Twitter made no sense to me until I read The tao of Twitter.  Instant enlightenment!” — Cynthia Harrison       

“It’s easy to understand and practical. Even though there is so much information, it is not an overwhelming book.  This book really does show you how Twitter works and exactly what you need to know about it. A great tool that I am going to be recommending to my friends and anyone in the business world!”        — Brittany Shaffer

“Mark has done a terrific job making Twitter a media that can be grasped and conquered without enduring a frustrating learning curve. His approachable and entertaining writing style brings an outline that is easy to follow and implement.”            — Carrie Bond              

“If you’re struggling with how to use Twitter properly or simply looking to up your game, then I strongly suggest you buy this very useful, practical and affordable book.”    — Ingrid Abboud

“This book is a great read but the best part is how immediately applicable the advice can be to anyone wanting to make the most of their time on Twitter. ”  — Billy Mitchell              

“This book will be an essential manuscript for my personal and business use on twitter, and I would highly recommend it to everyone. From the beginner, to the seasoned marketer, The Tao of Twitter will give you indispensable guidance, and a new perspective on the most powerful realtime connection network of our time.”   — Reza Malayeri

“An inspiring and motivating book on how to market at this time in the world where the consumer is the creator and the user generates the content.” — Dr. Rae Baum

“The “Tao of Twitter” is a great introduction to the majestic random synergy and transformational power of the Twitter platform. Mark Schaefer has written an easy to read guidebook that weaves Marks personal twitter journey with valuable tactical best-practice information for building authentic relationships on Twitter. The book is a quick read and will reward anyone willing to invest the time to become a twitter ninja!”    — Jackie S. 

“I was quite impressed by this first book by Mark W. Schaefer. It tackles a key problem that businesses face when adopting Social Media, and uses real examples of successes, both personal and professional. The Tao of Twitter should be viewed as the handbook to become one of those Twitter users that people will actually WANT to follow.  It’s the kind of book that you’ll read more than once, lend to your friends and colleagues, and will probably fill with post-it notes, highlighter marks, and dog-eared pages.”   — Jonathan Barrick    

“My step son and I have both bought Kindle versions of ‘The Tao of Twitter’ and we’re both blown away by it. I’m also blown away by how it has got him engaged in building a social media strategy that I think will become very successful. Yesterday he got brave enough to make his first tweet and was amazed that he immediately got 20 hits on his web site!”       — Michael K.

“I read it three times straight through took notes and sat back.  My A-ha moment!  I got it, finally. I saw what I did not see before, and then some.” — Billy Delaney

“I like to think of Tao as the Twitter guidebook. The author literally walks us through his Twitter experience over the past few years: getting on, learning the basics, experimenting, sorting out unanswered questions, trying to keep up with changes, thinking through implications and discovering the meaning and lessons of this new way of communicating. Throughout the book, Schaefer continually asks, “what does this mean for marketers?” and gives his assessment.”  — Steven Parker

“When I first began blogging and engaging in social media, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to Mark Schaefer’s excellent introduction to TwitterThe Tao of Twitter. Mark’s book was the perfect introduction to a medium that I had dismissed as banal and incoherent only a few months earlier.  As I leapt into social media, The Tao of Twitter was by far the most significant resource in terms of increasing my comfort level and skill level.”  — Adam Toporek

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